Barcode Labels - 40x28 mm

Sold per Roll with 38mm Core, Labels 1 Across, Wide Edge Leading, Rounded Corners & Wound Out. Typically used in  Retail

Specific Selections
Label Size in mm - Width first then Height
Label Material  - Thermal Direct (heat sensitive materials), typical label life 12-18 mths
                        -  Thermal Transfer for Long Life labels on Paper or Synthetic Materials
                        -  Paper can be Matt or Gloss.
                        -  Synthetic Labels give the best presentation for retail
                        -  Synthetic Labels can be wiped clean with a  damp cloth.
Perforations or No Perforations between Labels
Glue Type - Permanent or Removeable. Gift Shops typically use removeable glue labels
Labels per Roll

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Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 16 September 2013